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Our Neuro-CPK Laboratory Team

Lab Lead


Sherif Hanafy Mahmoud, BSc (Pharm), MSc, PhD, FNCS

Dr. Sherif Mahmoud is a clinical associate professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Alberta. He is also a neurocritical care clinical pharmacist at the University of Alberta Hospital. He received his BSc (Pharm) degree and Master’s in Clinical Pharmacy from Ain-Shams University and his PhD in pharmacokinetics from the University of Alberta. He has been involved in pharmacy practice for more than 20 years where he had many roles as a clinician, researcher and educator. Dr. Mahmoud’s research areas include neurocritical care pharmacotherapy (subarachnoid hemorrhage, status epilepticus), antiepileptic drugs, epilepsy and altered pharmacokinetics in critical illness. This in addition to teaching patient assessment skills in various practice settings. His approach to patient assessment is unique and exceptional as acknowledged by his students and peers. Dr. Mahmoud is a recipient of several awards and has numerous publications throughout his career. In addition, he is the sole editor of “Patient Assessment in Clinical Pharmacy: A Comprehensive Guide”, an indispensable resource for pharmacists looking to learn or improve crucial patient assessment skills relevant to all pharmacy practice settings. Dr. Mahmoud is the co-chair elect of the Neurocritical Care Society Research Operations Subcommittee and an active member of the Neurocritical Care Society pharmacy research committee. Dr. Mahmoud received multiple accolades for his role in neurocritical care and recently he is inducted as Fellow of the Neurocritical Care Society (FNCS) for his exceptional service, academic excellence, and leadership in the field of Neurocritical care.


Fatma Hefny, BSc (Pharm), BCPS

Master Student

Fatma Hefny is a graduate research assistant pursuing her Master’s degree at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Alberta. She received her BSc (Pharm) degree from Cairo University and is a pharmacotherapy specialist (BCPS) certified by the Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS). She has been involved in pharmacy practice for 10 years. She has practiced as a clinical pharmacist in various clinical settings and has precepted many undergraduate clinical pharmacy students as well as practicing PharmD students. In addition, she has practiced teaching pharmacotherapy and critical care specialties in an academic setting. Fatma’s research interests include critical care pharmacotherapy and altered pharmacokinetics in critical illness. 


Meagan Hayashi, BSc (Pharm)

Master Student

Ms. Hayashi is a current graduate student in the MSc. Pharmacy Practice program with the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Alberta. After obtaining her BSc. in pharmacy at the University of Alberta in 2014, Meagan has developed clinical practices in community, primary care network, and hospital settings, utilizing evidence-based medicine to optimize the use of expanded pharmacy scope. Clinically and in research, her interests include cardiovascular care, antithrombotic therapy, and chronic disease management. Under the supervision of Drs. Hamdy and Mahmoud, her thesis research focuses on the clinical utility and feasibly of pharmacogenomics in pharmacy practice, with a priority on healthcare provider education, determination ideal populations and settings for the use of pharmacogenomics, and implementation science within pharmacy scope. To date, she has published a scoping literature review on the use of pharmacogenomics in pharmacy practice, implemented a pharmacogenomics education program for practicing pharmacists, and researched the impact of this course on pharmacist knowledge and confidence in pharmacogenomics. She has presented her work at several conferences, including the University of Alberta Faculty of Pharmacy Research Day, where she was awarded Best Podium Presentation, as well as the CSPS/PSJ/CC-CRS 2020 Symposium the 24th Annual ISSX Meeting, and the 2021 CSHP AB Branch Symposium. Outside of her clinical practice and research, Meagan enjoys mountain biking, skiing, and long-distance running in the Rockies. 

Graduate Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows

Maged Kharouba.jpeg

Maged Kharouba, BSc (Pharm)

Master Student

Maged Kharouba is a graduate research assistant pursuing his master’s degree at the faculty of pharmacy, University of Alberta. He received his BSc degree (Clinical pharmacy) in 2018 from faculty of pharmacy, Alexandria University, Egypt. He had the chance to be involved, as a first author, in a research article that was published in 2022 related to liver cancer treatment. Moreover, he was involved in teaching pharmacy undergraduate students practical topics related to clinical pharmacokinetics, pharmacy practice, dosage forms, and basics of biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics. Research interests include fields of altered pharmacokinetics, neuro-critical care pharmacotherapy, drug delivery, and nanotechnology. Away from research interests, Maged enjoys soccer, ping pong, and swimming.


Khaled Ibrahim, BSc (Pharm), PhD

Post Doctoral Fellow

khaled abdelkawy is a Post doctor fellow pursuing his master and PhD’s degrees  at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Tanta University. He works as assistant professor of clinical pharmacy, faculty of pharmacy, Kafrelsheikh University. He has been involved in pharmacy practice for 20 years. She has practiced as a clinical pharmacist in various clinical settings in Egypt. His main research interest includes pharmacokinetics mainly improving the bioavailability for current drugs, optimizing their therapeutic uses and evaluating possible both herbal-drug and drug-drug interactions. In addition, research interest includes pharmacogenetic pharmacokinetic relationship by studying the effects of genetic variations “SNP” on the pharmacokinetic and clinical outcomes of drug in clinical practice. 

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Renee Agnew

Research Coordinator

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Heidi Felderhof, RN

Research Coordinator

Heidi Felderhof is a Registered Nurse at the University of Alberta Hospital in the Neuro Intensive Care Unit.
She originates from Nova Scotia where she completed a BSc Human Kinetics at Saint Francis Xavier University. She moved to Edmonton, Alberta in 2015 for her second undergraduate degree, a BSc in Nursing from the University of Alberta. She has since worked as an RN in the Neurosciences program at the UAH for the past 4.5 years, and occasionally works in the Emergency Department at the Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital.
In her spare time, she enjoys adventuring with her husband, son, and dog, drinking coffee, and tackling DIY projects at home. 

Research Staff

Former Lab Members

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Current Position: PhD Student

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Fadumo Isse, Pharm D, MSc

Current Position: PhD Student

Hello! My name is Fadumo Isse. I grew up in Somalia with loving parents and loving family. After graduating from high school, I moved to Jordan to study Bachelor’s in Pharmacy (Pharm D) at Jordan University of Science and Technology. Living in Jordan was challenging because of being away from family and friends but it was also rewarding as I overcame the challenges and succeeded to complete my BSc.

In 2018, one year after my bachelor’s completion, I moved to Canada with the goal to pursue my dreams and to continue my education. I joined UofA in 2019 and started my journey in Dr. Sherif’s laboratory as a MSc student in Pharmaceutical Sciences. My research involved in studying the variation in nimodipine exposure and its effect on the outcomes in patients with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. During the period that I was doing the Master’s at Dr.Sherif’s lab , I gained a lot of experiences that were indispensable for successfully graduating from the MSc and for my professional development. It was a golden opportunity that helped me grow to my fullest potential.
Currently, I am a PhD student at Dr. El-Kadi’s lab, conducting research on the role of arachidonic acid metabolism in cardiovascular diseases.
Thank you, Dr. Sherif Mahmoud, for your effort to train me and train other researchers.

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